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Charlie, the Havanese dog in Central Park New York City Koren Reyes, former NYC photographer now based in Watch Hill and Westerly RI

New Yorker settles in Westerly, RI

I'm a native Minnesotan who called NYC home for a long, long time. Twenty-four years, in fact.

New York will always feel like home to me, but in 2013 some family things drew me back to Minnesota for what turned out to be a turbulent year. Once that was over, I packed all that stuff in yet another van and traipsed back to the east coast.

I'm settling in Westerly, RI as of September 2016 in a tiny but cute, hundred-year-old bungalow that needs some TLC. Ok, maybe it needs a lot of TLC, but I fell in love with it the second I saw it. Plus, it has a garage that will make the perfect portrait studio in the near future. Let's just say I have a handsome project on my hands.

A lot further back in my past when I was in college, someone told me I'd have seven careers. I didn't believe it, but I'm sixteen years into career #4.

Career #1 found me in the family business on Nantucket. I was a very fancy basketweaver for twelve summers.

Career #2 found me teaching skiing in Val d'Isere, France and then Vermont. I loved these years. These were some of the funnest, most adventurous years of my life.

Career #3 found me on Wall Street. I was a derivatives specialist, a job I also loved for a long time.

Along the way, I won a Minnesota state piano contest when I was 15, I ran a few New York City marathons and got a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

In my role as a photographer, I've worked on some pretty crazy shoots. See the behind-the-scenes video shot at what I called "The Fairytale Day." You might think after seeing all those expensive clothes, that fabulous location and those beautiful models mean I only work at that level, but it just isn't so.

Most of my clients are regular, every-day people. I just make them look like a million bucks. How is this done? It's a combination of telling them exactly how to pose, careful pre-shoot planning, and kick-ass photoshopping on the back end.

I'd love to hear about your portrait ideas. It doesn't matter how big or small or how near or far. I do this job because the results make people happy not just for now, but forever.

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