Ideal clients are women and girls for beautiful portrait photography, mostly studio pictures in New York City and Watch Hill or Westerly, RI

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Who are you, my potential client?

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Who are you, my photography clients?

You may be a woman, perhaps pregnant

It's likely that you're a woman, and you may be expecting your first baby. If you are pregnant, you're probably in a peculiar state of mind. Some days you may feel anxious, others days you feel incredibly beautiful. Getting photographed at the optimal shape of your pregnancy (six to ten weeks before your due date) documents what may be the most life-changing experience you ever have. These photos remain a tribute to this pivotal life experience and all the joy and trepidation wrapped around it.

If you're not pregnant, perhaps you've reached a big life milestone like turning 30, 40 or 50.

Maybe you just lost a lot of weight or had some surgery that went spectacularly well.

Maybe you're about to get married and you want to present your fiancé with a tasteful, beautiful collection of photos of yourself.

Maybe you secretly always wanted to have an unabashedly beautiful portrait of yourself for no good reason.

You may be a dog owner

Or perhaps you're a dog-owner and you're passionately attached to this best friend. If you're anything like me, you look at your dog and feel a love you never thought possible.

You could be a senior level executive

Maybe you're an executive and you're looking for a corporate portrait that reflects the handsome success you've achieved.

Proud parent?

You could be a proud parent of children that mean the world to you. Whether the child is a newborn or just reached age of majority, is there a year of your child's life you do NOT want to document?

You have style and good taste

No matter where you are in your life, you're here because you care about style. Your taste is probably timeless and classic. You don't obsess over fads. You probably love fine watches and really expensive wine.

You care. I mean, you really care

You take really good care of yourself and the people (and dogs!) that you love. You love art. You love photography. You care about memorializing important milestones and you cherish the pictures that celebrate them.

You prefer quality over quantity

You also care about quality over quantity. You will pay $800 for beautifully made shoes that fit as great as they look. Instead of owning 50 pair, you may just own 20. But all of them are special.

You get things done right the first time

You're probably also pressed for time. You don't mess around. You selectively choose the right person for the job. And you're confident in your choices.

You find the means to invest in something special

Koren Reyes Photography offers something special for special moments in life. My clients delight in the priceless value of my work so that no matter what else is happening in their lives, they'll move mountains to make an investment in pictures that truly matter.




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